Spring/Summer 2012 Wedding Inspiration Board

Hope everyone had a refreshing weekend!  Last week, I talked about my excitement for the fall season, which is officially here!  This is the season for some beautiful fall Dallas weddings (even some outdoor, if the weather is nice).  Now, I know some of you brides, you are currently thinking a season ahead of us – you are planning for your Spring or Summer Wedding.  In celebration of the Pantone Spring/Summer 2012 Color Report, and to help any of you brides who might be a little stuck on selecting a beautiful color palette, or selecting some dynamic details that reflect the bold, fun, personality of you and your groom, as promised, I designed an inspiration board for you!  When I began designing this board, I built my inspiration around these vibrant colors from the Pantone selections:

Tangerine Tango


I told you last week that I really liked the Tangerine Tango, remember???  :)

These colors are bold and vibrant, and are colors that can be used for a very playful, fun yet elegant, wedding.  I thought about things like the season, fun couples who crave elegance, yet want their guests to experience a fun “escape” from everyday life and the many people preparing for their annual vacations, and created this board to reflect a destination wedding inspiration, somewhere like Costa Rica, Mexico or even Hawaii or Florida.   Check out the inspiration board below, which I created using Bridal Canvas – I hope it offers you some inspiration for your wedding (or at least encourage you to take a vacation!) :)

2012 Beach Wedding Inspiration Board

This inspiration is great for a couple who love the beach, love surfing, or simply love the colors.  It could inspire you to take the wedding to one of your favorite vacation spots, or inspire you to bring you dream island destination to the “city”.  You might not be a “beach” person – you can take the colors themselves and create an over-the-top elegant spring affair – the possibilities are endless! I’m thinking of so many exciting ways to take this board and create some fabulous wedding ideas of all different styles, from traditional to eclectic.  Hopefully this helps spark some creativity for you too as you imagine your special day!

How does this board inspire you?  Does this make you think of any cool ideas for your big day?  If so, post them below.  We love hearing from you!

Make it a great week!



  1. tk says:

    So proud of what you are doing! Those colors for the spring weddings are awesome!!!

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