Dallas Wedding Inspiration- Southern Weddings New Issue On Newsstands Oct. 25!!

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 Southern Weddings V3 Issue pictured above


In the words of the great Lara Casey - “Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” :)

Lara Casey is an awesome wedding professional and founder/creator of Southern Weddings magazine.  I wanted to give all of you brides in Dallas (and other places in the South) a heads up that the Fall issue (V4) of Southern Weddings magazine hits newsstands on October 25!  If you haven’t seen an issue of their magazine, they specialize in all things Southern.  Their magazine covers beautiful inpsiration for decor, attire (even for the guys) and alot of really true Southern traditions – matter of fact, they are currently hosting a contest where wedding pros can submit the best mason jar concepts for some SW bragging rights. Now how’s that for Southern?  :) Be sure to add this to your collection of magazines you browse as you begin planning your wedding – I’m sure you’ll find some great inspiration from it!

Right now, the ladies over at Southern Weddings are offering your chance to win a copy of the Fall issue BEFORE it hits the stands.  You can find the details here.

Do you plan to add some “Southern” flair to your wedding?  Is it in the decor, the food, the style?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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6 Elements of Wedding Design That Will Wow Your Guests (If Done Correctly)

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Designing your wedding is a very fun and important process.  The design is what makes the wedding unique and totally you.  To design a beautiful event, you eed a vision for what you want to create, a focus on details and the ability to think ahead to the emotional reaction you want your guests to have to your event.

In today’s blog, I want to highlight for you the six elements that you MUST pay attention to in order to plan a fabulous wedding. I learned this from one of my favorite wedding/event designer inspriations, Preston Bailey,  and have used them in my wedding design inspiration ever since.


How do you want to your guests to anticipate the big day?  When your guests anticipate your big day, it makes it that much more exciting and you will surely get people to attend.  You can give them a sneak peek of what they will encounter once they arrive.  You can use invitations that fit the theme of your wedding, maybe an interesting Save the Date (DVD Save the Date are becoming very popular).


Do you guests have clear directions?   Where will your out of town guests stay?  If the host hotel is separate from the wedding venue, how will the guests get there and what will there experience be like once they arrive?  Alot of brides overlook this, so please don’t for your wedding.  If this area is not organized and/or a pleasant experience, it can ruin the attitude of your guests before they have event arrived at the event.  This is where having friendly wait staff, greeters, valet service for guests who are driving, escort cards and restroom sign can really make a difference – and, they can be customized to fit the design of your wedding!


This is where it really gets fun.  The atmosphere setting needs to engage your guests from the moment they enter into the celebration.  A wedding designer understands the need to create the design of the wedding for all five senses, and can make the senses come alive with florals, lighting and colors.  Energy and mood is also imporatant in creating an atmosphere.  Be sure to think about that when deciding on music for your wedding.  Also think about the sense of touch when selecting the various linens for your tables, favors, etc.  Creating a great atmosphere is a huge part of the overall experience your guests will encounter.


You may be wondering, “Isn’t food part of the planning?”  Yes, you are right, but it also has an excellent opportunity for design.  The way the food is displayed or served can be designed n a very beautiful and unique way that fits the overall theme of your event.  Think about your guests walking in and seeing the food displayed.  Another addition to the overall guest experience.


No one wants a boring wedding.  You don’t want your guests looking at their watches 30 min. into the reception wondering, “Can we go now?”  Weddings and celebrations almost always include some type of entertainment.  There is music, traditional dances,  or games to get everyone engaged.  Here is an area that can be designed to keep your guests wondering what will come next.  You can design in areas of staging, dance floor and lighting effects.


As a host, you definitely always want to show your guests that you appreciate them taking the time to come and celebrate your special day with you.  For weddings, this is typically done in the form of a favor at the end of the event.  This does not have to be over the top, just a small token that will help the guests remember their awesome experience.  You can also show your appreciation after guests have left your celebration, in your thank you cards and gifts for the bridal party and officiant who helped make your day fabulous!

Follow these great tips and you will be sure to have your guests talking (positively) about your wedding long after the music has stopped!  If this seems challenging, that is okay.  Today, more and more wedding professionals are getting into the wedding design aspect in additional to the planning.  Feel free to ask your planner if he/she also does wedding design.  Remember, they are different roles.  If you need help defining them, check out my previous blog post where I define the differences.

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